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High Output Installation Subwoofer



is-18는 single 18inch Subwoofer 로써 더욱 큰 LF의 확장을 위해 is-15 와 is-18은 i-class full range model을 위해 탄생하였다.


i 시리즈의 subwoofer는 증가된 power handlin을 위한 large voice coil로 되어있고 전문가 수준의 드라이버와 low-pass crossover를 사용하여

power compression을 감소 시켰습니다.

impact와 명료도의 완벽한 균형을 달성하기위하여 최적으로 포팅되어있습니다.


이 모델의 enclosures는 천으로 씌워져 있고 전문적인 코팅과 더물어 고밀도 나무로 제작되어 견고하게 마감되어 있습니다.


스피커의 전면은 방수 파우더 코팅이 된 steel grill로 되어 있습니다


is-18 & is-18a High Output Installation Subwoofers

is-18-right-IMG_8135is-18 and is-18a Features

  • 18 transducer with rubber surround and 4 (100 mm)
  • voice coil
  • 600 W/1200 W, long term/program power handling (IS-18)
  • 600 W continuous power (IS-18a)
  • Usable response down to 35 Hz
  • Max long term output 131 dB
  • High-density wood enclosure with durable textured finish


  • Ideal companion for i-Class full-range systems
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Bars and clubs
  • Corporate facilities
  • House of worship
  • Retail outlets
  • Airports

i-Class systems are designed for AV contractors seeking a high-performance alternative to plastic box loudspeakers. By combining professional-grade components and rugged wood enclosures, i-Class models deliver sonic performance that far exceeds their competition.

For systems requiring greater LF extension, the is-18 and is-18a vented subwoofers are the perfect companions for the i-Class full-range models. Both subwoofers combine precision, low-pass crossovers with a professional-grade driver that incorporates a large, 4-inch voice coil for increased power handling and decreased power compression. Optimally tuned ports work in concert with the direct radiating driver to achieve a perfect balance of impact and definition.

The is-18a’s onboard class A/B amplification produces 600 watts continuous power output. A variable, 18 dB per Octave high-pass output allows easy satellite integration, while a phase switch ensures perfect LF alignment and staging. Large heat-sinks and efficient amplifier design eliminate the need for noisy cooling fans.

Both models feature robust, multi-ply wood enclosures with a rugged industrial-grade coating. The cabinet front features a protective steel grill with a water resistant powder coating.




VUE is-18 시방서            [다운로드]



VUE is-18 datasheet         [다운로드]

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