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a - 8

Wide coverage full-range loudspeaker for portable or installed use



a - class 시스템은 성능과 다양성 그리고 보다 나은 밸런스를 추구함으써 전문가들에게 이상적인 시스템입니다.

VUE Audiotechnik의 최고급 모델인 h-Class 모델과 동일한 디자인 철학을 바탕으로 만들어진 제품입니다.

a- class 모델은 콘서트홀, 극장, 교회, 오디토리움이나 이동식 PA시스템에 적합하게 설계되었습니다.

a-class의 모든 부속품은 최대 SPL 환경에서도 정확하고 매끄러운 주파수 응답 특성을 낼 수 있도록 VUE Audiotechnik의 정확한 사양에 의해 제작됩니다.

a-8 모델과 a-10모델은 Neodymium LF corn driver와 정확하게 설계된 Aluminum dome 타입의 Neodymium HF compression 드라이버의 최적화된 조화로 만들어 compact 2-way system loudspeaker 입니다.

HF compression 드라이버는 수평과 수직 방향 모두에서 이상적인 소리를 위해 회전가능한 70 x 55 의 커버리지를 갖고 있습니다.

시스템의 크로스오버 네트워크는 각각의 드라이버와 캐비닛의 조합을 바탕으로 정밀하게 조정되었습니다.

Transducer와 horn 그리고 crossover의 정밀한 결합을 통한 시너지는 a-8 과 a-10모델 둘 다 주파수 범위에 걸쳐서 출력과 명료도의 탁원한 조화를 이루어냈습니다.

a-8과 a-10 모델은 독특한 엔클로져의 모양 덕분에 모니터로 사용할 경우 각도를 다양하게 조절할 수 있습니다. 손잡이와 폴 마운트 시스템은 스피커 stand 또는 subwoofer와 같이 사용이 용이하게 만들어졌습니다.

모든 a-class 캐비닛은 엄격한 ISO 기준을 통해서 생산되기때문에 믿을만한 성능과 탁월한 음성 주파수 재현 능력을 재공합니다. 


a-8 Compact Full Range System

a-8-right-nl-IMG_8703a-8 Features

  • 8 neodymium LF driver with 2.5 (64 mm) voice coil and 16 mm winding
  • 1 neodymium HF compression driver with 1.4 (36 mm) voice coil and 1 (25 mm) exit
  • 70º x 55º coverage (rotatable horn)
  • 75 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response
  • Max long term output 118 dB SPL
  • HF protection circuit integrated into asymmetrical passive network
  • Multi-ply, cross-grain laminated birch construction
  • Pentagon shape for easy use in FOH or monitor configurations
  • Integrated fly points, handles, and pole mount system


  • Portable and installed AV systems
  • High SPL under balcony, stage lip, delay fill
  • Live sound reinforcement
  • Main PA in medium-sized venues such as clubs, theaters, concert halls and houses of worship
  • Corporate AV and other voice reinforcement applications

a-Class systems are ideal for working professionals seeking a better balance of performance, versatility and value. Benefiting from the same design principles behind VUE Audiotechnik’s flagship h-Class, a-Class models bring similar voicing characteristics to a broad range of sound reinforcement applications including houses of worship, theaters, auditoria and portable PA.

Every component in the a-Class range is manufactured to VUE Audiotechnik’s exacting specifications to deliver a smooth and accurate frequency response at maximum SPLs.

a-8 crossover utilizing very high power components and hand hand wound inductors

a-8 crossover utilizing very high power components and hand wound inductors

The a-8 is a compact two-way system that combine a system-optimized neodymium LF cone driver with a precision-engineered, aluminum-domed, neodymium compression driver. The compression driver is coupled to a 70 x 55 degree horn that can be rotated for ideal dispersion in both vertical and horizontal orientations. System specific crossover networks are carefully tailored for each driver and cabinet combination. The resulting synergy of transducers, horn and crossover ensures that the a-8 achieves an exceptional balance of output and definition throughout their respective frequency ranges.


a-Class full range models feature a five-sided enclosure design for eas of use in monitor or FOH orientations.

The a-8 features a unique five-sided enclosure for easy use in vertical or horizontal orientations. Handles and an integrated pole mount system make portable use on stands or atop subwoofers a breeze, while integrated hanging points provide flexible flying options. And thanks to their consistent and predictable coverage, either model works equally well alone or as part of larger, multi-cabinet arrays in more sophisticated applications. Arrays can be horizontal or stacked.

All a-Class cabinets are manufactured to strict ISO compliances to ensure exceptional sonic performance and years of reliable service. Ultra-rigid, multi-ply cross-grain laminated birch construction and extensive interior bracing ensure absolute rigidity. All wood surfaces are protected by a rugged, waterproof polyurethane textured finish, while the cabinet front features a protective steel grill with a water resistant powder coating.


a-8 Horizontal Coverage 3D Plot

a-8 Horizontal Coverage 3D Plot 



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