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as - 418

Quad 18-inch isobaric Subwoofer





a-class subwoofer 자매품이면서 주력제품인 고성능의 premier as-418은 VUE의 복합적인 기술에 의해 제작되었으며,

dual 18인치 디자인에 맞는 박스내에 4개의 18인치 transducer가 있습니다.

as-418 사용을 위해 맞춤-기술이 적용된 transducer는 보다 높은 output, 보다 낮은 power compression 그리고 보다 적은 distortion을 가져올수 있도록 디자인 되었습니다.

isobaric 디자인을 기반으로 제작된 as-418의 compound force 구성은 두개의 mirror image 와 side-by-side chamber를 가진 싱글 캐비닛이 특징입니다.

4개의 18" woofer는 tuned vented enclosure 내에 있는 후면 스피커를 함께 사용시에 radiation을 합쳐주는 dual push-pull 구성으로 제작되었습니다.

각 쌍은 앞뒤로 연결되어 동작을 하며, 2개의 공간에서 하나의 loudspeaker 처럼 보여주도록 합니다. 



as-418 Quad 18-inch Isobaric Subwoofer


as-418 Features

  • Quad 18″ LF drivers with 4″ (100 mm) voice coils
  • Dual isobaric configuration for extended low frequency response and increased fidelity
  • Very low second order harmonic distortion inherent in push / pull isobaric design
  • Dual drive 4-ohm loads, pin 1 +/-, pin 2 +/-
  • 2400 W/4800 W, long term/program power handling
  • Usable response down to 30 Hz
  • Max long term output 134 dB SPL
  • Multi-ply, cross-grain laminated birch construction
  • Perforated steel grills with powdercoat finish
  • Integrated handles and stacking skids


  • Extending low frequency response for systems in: clubs, theaters, concert halls, houses of worship
  • Dance Venues
  • Portable and installed AV systems
  • Live sound reinforcement
  • Corporate AV

Cut-A-Way showing the internal operations of the as-418’s isobaric design

Every component inside the A Class subwoofers are optimized for each unique design. From transducers and cabinet architecture, to precision-tuned vents and crossovers, our team ensures that every element works at peak efficiency and in perfect harmony to deliver impactful and defined low frequency extension.

As the flagship of the A Class subwoofer family, the formidable as-418 features four custom-engineered, 18-inch drivers into a compact enclosure comparable in size to most dual-18-inch subwoofer designs. Drivers are configured into a pair of front-to-front, isobaric (push-pull) configurations. The direct radiation from each front driver is combined with the output of the companion rear driver in a tuned vented enclosure. This Compound Force design enables more output and less distortion than a typical dual 18-inch subwoofer, in the same footprint.

Pair of as-418’s on Castor Pallet

The custom-engineered transducers inside the as-418 are equally unique. Each feature a large, 4-inch voicecoil and ceramic ferrite magnet. Ceramic is a much better choice for subwoofer application where extreme excursions generate operating temperatures that can easily demagnetize neodymium components over time.  By combining the large voice coil with a ceramic magnet structure, we increased power handling and decreased power compression, while ensuring reliable performance that would be consistent year after year under the most demanding conditions.

The as-418 features a robust, multi-ply birch enclosure with extensive interior bracing and dampening materials to reduce unwanted flex and resonant frequencies. The cabinet is protected by a rugged, industrial grade polyurethane finish while the front features a protective steel grill with a water resistant powder coating.  Integrated handles allow for easy portable use. 



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