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hs-25 Dual 15 inch ACM Subwoofer

Active Compliance Management: A hybrid design that combines both band-pass and vented alignments into a single, compact footprint to produce significantly more output than conventional dual 15-inch designs.

Tons of horsepower: amplifier supplies 750W pure sine wave power (1800W “peak” power) to each woofer.

Standard IP for easy networking: Fully compatible with standard IP networks. Simply plug in, and the system will automatically connect to virtually any kind of IP configuration. Users can access and monitor network and device-level parameters through our SystemVUE software.

SystemVUE software
: Mac and Windows compatible SystemVUE software provides access to all VUE devices on the network as well as device level parameters such as speaker protection, input/output levels, volume, mute, delay and even input sources.

Active Compliance Management (ACM) Technology

hs-25-woofer-side-IMG_8186Think of the hs-25 as the hs-28’s “bully” little brother. This is our second product to deploy our patent-pending Active Compliance Management technology. ACM combines both band-pass and vented alignments into a single enclosure. The hs-25 places two precision-designed, 15-inch transducers into this configuration, with both woofers sharing a common vented chamber. One woofer’s frontal radiation is direct, while the second woofer’s frontal radiation drives the band-pass chamber.

Onboard electronics include amplifier module that supplies 830W pure sine wave power (2000W “peak” power) to each woofer and DSP to ensures the precise phase arrivals of the front facing woofer and both vents. The combination of ACM, sophisticated DSP and active electronics allow the hs-25 to deliver much higher output throughout its operating bandwidth from a footprint that’s smaller that most dual 15-inch vented designs. 


hs-25 Data sheet            [다운로드]

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